Eleven Paris Eyewear

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Founded in 2003 by two French Best Friends, ElevenParis was born with a vision. Known for their infamous “Life is a Joke” T-Shirts, the brand has developed and created a full collection of Women, Men and Kids ready to wear collections of optical frames. The six designers behind each of the collections are passionate about indie music, the web, art, and travel. They scour the world (and of course Tumblr and Instagram) insatiably in search of artistic currents that are still underground, emerging or trending.

With pseudo-classic airs accentuated by inspirations gleaned from the hipster districts of Brooklyn, Berlin and Tokyo, the ElevenParis Boys & Girls collection offers children what they have always dreamed of: “…models inspired by an adult wardrobe, reinterpreted, and adapted just for their cute little faces.”

Just like the ready-to-wear collection, bold design, energy, and comfort are the core concepts of the glasses collection for kids, teens, and adults. The ElevenParis collection is charismatic, refined yet offbeat, happily mixing genres. For the young ones, ElevenParis Boys & Girls includes stylish shapes, hand-made tortoiseshell textured acetate, beautiful metal pieces featuring the ElevenParis Boys & Girls small metal triangles… ultimately a range of details that appeal to children and delight their parents.

1 Year Warranty Designed in France

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