Jack De Ross


Introducing Jack De Ross, the newest eyewear collection from renowned Australian designer Jonathan Sceats. This line is all about using hard density cellulose acetate (HDCA) to create frames that are both lightweight and durable. With a focus on larger, modern frames for men.
The frames have been crafted with an emphasis on quality, comfort, and fit. Finally, men with bigger heads can wear frames that are comfortable to wear.
Jack De Ross frames are the solution to this age-old problem. Inspired by the roaring 20s, these frames have a retro, art deco feel that is timeless, yet still showcases modern, bright colors that bring us into the 2020s.

But Jack De Ross isn’t just about great style and design. This line is also committed to eco-friendly initiatives. For every frame sold, trees will be planted, and carbon projects will be supported through CarbonHalo, their eco-partner.
You’ll find all the details about these initiatives right inside the frame cases. With Jack De Ross, you can have stylish, comfortable glasses that are also environmentally conscious.

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