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Does your child have an eye problem?

This child has a visual problem, but how would you know?

Most children don’t complain of poor vision because they assume what they see is normal.

Would you know if you had a vision problem?

Not only an over 40’s problem and could happen
at any age!

If you are finding reading more difficult then this will affect work and school performance.

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Tom Ford, the man behind the label, is synonymous with fashion, film and stardom.

Ford started out in the spotlight in the early 80’s when he started acting in television commercials. He soon discovered a love of fashion while working as an intern in a press office in Paris – one of his main roles there was looking after clothes for photo shoots.

He made his way working in fashion offices in the US before he was hired at Gucci. Soon Ford was heading everything from fashion, fragrance, image and advertising at Gucci. Ford saw Gucci’s sales increase by 90% in just a year and made Gucci one of the largest and most profitable luxury brands in history.

Ford left Gucci in 2004, in what he describes as a catashtrophe. It took him a while to find focus again but he soon launched a line of menswear, beauty, eyewear, and accessories– and so was the birth of the Tom Ford Label.

The highly popular eyewear and sunglasses collection came about with a partnership between Tom Ford and Marcolin Group and has ranked in the top 3 brands at specialty stores worldwide. It is a fashion line that has twice won Ford the ACE Awards, From the US Accessory Council (2001 & 2006). Celebrities including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Justin Timberlake, Angelina Jollie and Kim Kardashian wear Tom Ford Sunglasses on and off the screen.

In fact Justin Timberlake’s affiliation with Tom Ford goes above and beyond sunglasses, with Ford being responsible for dressing Justin for the whole of his upcoming tour.

There are over 90 Tom Ford stores around the world today – including stores in Milan, Tokyo, Vegas and Russia; but luckily you don’t have to travel very far to get Tom Ford Eyewear! Come into Eyes By Design, Kincumber and try on the latest styles from this designer eyewear collection.  

Parents of children who struggle at school often give a big sigh of relief at school holiday time, it’s a break for everyone from the stress of school work, homework and an irritable child who finds it hard to get through the day.

In the September / October school holidays, as well as enjoying the break, do something to help the next term of school be a little more pleasant for a struggling child – organise an eye check and sort out any eye sight or vision processing problems.
Your child may have had an eye check before – perhaps at an optometrist, ophthalmologist or a vision screening before starting preschool.  A typical eye exam tends to focus on eyesight – your child will be asked to read letters on a vision chart to determine their ability to see an object clearly from a certain distance. 
But an assessment with Nicholas Altuneg, Behavioural Optometrist, at Eyes By Design is different because it includes more than just eyesight - it tests vision as a whole.  Behavioural optometry includes how clearly you can see but it also includes visual skills such as eye movements, eye teaming, eye focusing, visual memory, and depth perception. 
These types of skills are not typically included in a standard eye test – that’s how these problems can be missed in struggling students.
Why have an eye test now, with only 1 term of the school year to go? Because we think it is better for children to finish the year feeling positive and confident, rather than to continue to play catch-up.

If a vision problem is detected your child may be prescribed glasses or recommended to start vision training. And by starting now (rather than later) they may be in a better position when they start school in January 2017!

So these upcoming school holidays have a rest and take some time out but make sure you also book your child an eye test with Dr Nicholas Altuneg, Behavioural Optometrist, at Eyes By Design.


Tutoring can be a very effective way of assisting children to progress with their school work. As with anything, extra education, practise and time spent on an activity will usually help the learning process and result in improvement. However, for children who are having problems with their eyes or vision, the progress made with tutoring can be minimal or slower than it needs to be, that is until the vision issues are treated.

At Eyes By Design all children are assessed by Nicholas Altuneg (Behavioural Optometrist). We can diagnose and treat a wider range of conditions than the average optometrist, and have experience working in more complicated children’s cases, such as children who have ADD / ADHD, autism, aspergers, gifted children and more.

At Eyes By Design we often see children who have struggled with school work for quite some time and have had ongoing tutoring, but are still making little progress academically. Sometimes it is found that the child requires glasses and would benefit from vision training.

Vision training is a program of therapeutic eye exercises and activities that are designed to improve the way the brain, eyes and body work together.  Visual information about the world enters our eyes, and then travels to the brain for processing – this is how we see. When you consider that 80% of the information that we take in about our world is done through our eyes, you can appreciate how important it is that the whole visual system works well, especially for children who are learning and developing.

For some parents having a break from tutoring and committing to a 12 week program of vision training can seem a big step. We understand that ultimately parents want their children to do well at school activities and they may think that tutoring is the logical avenue to take. However, a child will not be able to get the most out of their tutoring until they are using their visual system properly.  Some parents also make the decision to do them simultaneously.

In some cases the eye or vision problems have been the cause of the difficulty at school, and getting an improvement in academic performance will require work with the visual system. If we can treat the vision problem with vision training, you may find that learning problems are minimized significantly because for the first time your child can use their vision to its full potential to take in information.

Time to get new glasses? While the fun part may be picking your frames, getting the right lenses to suit your requirements is just as important.

There is no such thing as a standard lens at Eyes By Design as we ensure that we provide our customers with options for lenses that give them with the clearest and most comfortable vision, while best meeting their lifestyle requirements. These are just some of the lens options available to you at Eyes By Design:

Zeiss: We primarily use Zeiss lenses. The Carl Zeiss Group is an international leader in the fields of optics and optoelectronics. The precision and quality of a lens is paramount to providing great vision – that is why we use one of the worlds’ leaders in the industry.

Lens Thickness: The thickness of a lens increases as a stronger power is required. We offer a range of options to reduce the thickness and weight of your lens while keeping the same lens strength. While this isn’t usually required for low prescriptions, the benefits can be amazing for moderate to high prescriptions.

Progressive lenses / Multifocals: Progressive lenses have a different level of prescription throughout the lens to enable you to use the same glasses for different tasks – from near to distance. We offer a range of options for progressive lenses to meet the specific needs of our patients, for example if they are using them in an office situation or outdoors.

Protective surface: Most of the lenses we supply come with a standard hard coat which provides a moderate degree of scratch resistance. Super tough hard coating is a good option for children, or for adults who work in a physical setting. This provides better protection against chips and scratches.

Anti-reflective coating: Some of our patients prefer to have an anti-reflective appearance to their lenses. This has a benefit to the wearer of the glasses in creating less glare and reflection, as well as having an aesthetic benefit.

Anti-fog lenses: Anti-fog coating can prevent the fogging of lenses that occurs when moving between environments of different temperatures. This coating is especially suitable for people in certain occupations, for example butchers and chefs.

Photochromatic lenses: Sun and glare protection can be provided with lenses that are clear indoors or at night but darken outside or in increased lighting.

Polarised lenses: Polarised lenses reduce glare significantly and make a large difference with visibility when driving, especially on wet roads or in bright sun. Not only does this help with vision but it reduces squinting the eyes which in the long-term can reduce the development of wrinkles around the eyes.

UV protection: Lenses can be made to have 100% UV protection. UV damage is the leading cause of cataract and pterygium in the eyes.

Coloured lenses: Lenses can be produced in a range of colours, both for visual or aesthetic benefits.

Please Note: Some of these lens options may not be available for your prescription or frame choice. Some options can be purchased in conjunction with others, while in some cases – due to the manufacturing process of making a high quality lens – they are not available together. Each lens requirement will incur its own cost.


If you tire easily while at work, feel your eyes closing while you are at your desk, or need an afternoon ‘pick me up coffee’ you are not alone. Tiredness is a complaint that many people have and since we spend so much time at work, it is no surprise that this is where fatigue often sets in.

Most online articles about fatigue and tiredness will tell you to consider your lifestyle and health, but we have one more thing for you to consider – your EYES AND GLASSES.

We use our eyes for almost everything we do! If you need glasses and don’t have them, or if you are wearing the wrong kind of glasses, you will need to exert extra effort just to see well. This extra effort can make a simple task like reading an online article or checking the prices on products, harder than they need to be, causing fatigue! Ideally you should have comfortable vision and be able to achieve clear vision without exertion.

It is also important to remember that from about the age of 35 most people start to experience a condition called presbyopia – this is a normal change within the lens of the eye that reduces your ability to focus on things that are close. Have you ever felt the urge to push a book a little further away from your face so you can see it more clearly? This is a sign that you are straining to see – perhaps because you have presbyopia – and may now need glasses for reading. If you are within this age range, it has been a while since you have had an eye test and you are getting symptoms of fatigue, now is definitely the time for a visit to an optometrist.

A comprehensive eye check at Eyes By Design will test for eye or vision problems that may be causing you fatigue and assist with solutions such as glasses, contact lenses or vision therapy.

For prolonged or excessive tiredness, it is recommended to have a check with a general practitioner.