Do you tire easily at work? Is it your lifestyle, your health or your glasses?

Does your child have an eye problem?

This child has a visual problem, but how would you know?

Most children don’t complain of poor vision because they assume what they see is normal.

Would you know if you had a vision problem?

Not only an over 40’s problem and could happen
at any age!

If you are finding reading more difficult then this will affect work and school performance.

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Do you tire easily at work? Is it your lifestyle, your health or your glasses?

If you tire easily while at work, feel your eyes closing while you are at your desk, or need an afternoon ‘pick me up coffee’ you are not alone. Tiredness is a complaint that many people have and since we spend so much time at work, it is no surprise that this is where fatigue often sets in.

Most online articles about fatigue and tiredness will tell you to consider your lifestyle and health, but we have one more thing for you to consider – your EYES AND GLASSES.

We use our eyes for almost everything we do! If you need glasses and don’t have them, or if you are wearing the wrong kind of glasses, you will need to exert extra effort just to see well. This extra effort can make a simple task like reading an online article or checking the prices on products, harder than they need to be, causing fatigue! Ideally you should have comfortable vision and be able to achieve clear vision without exertion.

It is also important to remember that from about the age of 35 most people start to experience a condition called presbyopia – this is a normal change within the lens of the eye that reduces your ability to focus on things that are close. Have you ever felt the urge to push a book a little further away from your face so you can see it more clearly? This is a sign that you are straining to see – perhaps because you have presbyopia – and may now need glasses for reading. If you are within this age range, it has been a while since you have had an eye test and you are getting symptoms of fatigue, now is definitely the time for a visit to an optometrist.

A comprehensive eye check at Eyes By Design will test for eye or vision problems that may be causing you fatigue and assist with solutions such as glasses, contact lenses or vision therapy.

For prolonged or excessive tiredness, it is recommended to have a check with a general practitioner.