There is more to a lens than 'meets the eye'

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There is more to a lens than 'meets the eye'

Time to get new glasses? While the fun part may be picking your frames, getting the right lenses to suit your requirements is just as important.

There is no such thing as a standard lens at Eyes By Design as we ensure that we provide our customers with options for lenses that give them with the clearest and most comfortable vision, while best meeting their lifestyle requirements. These are just some of the lens options available to you at Eyes By Design:

Zeiss: We primarily use Zeiss lenses. The Carl Zeiss Group is an international leader in the fields of optics and optoelectronics. The precision and quality of a lens is paramount to providing great vision – that is why we use one of the worlds’ leaders in the industry.

Lens Thickness: The thickness of a lens increases as a stronger power is required. We offer a range of options to reduce the thickness and weight of your lens while keeping the same lens strength. While this isn’t usually required for low prescriptions, the benefits can be amazing for moderate to high prescriptions.

Progressive lenses / Multifocals: Progressive lenses have a different level of prescription throughout the lens to enable you to use the same glasses for different tasks – from near to distance. We offer a range of options for progressive lenses to meet the specific needs of our patients, for example if they are using them in an office situation or outdoors.

Protective surface: Most of the lenses we supply come with a standard hard coat which provides a moderate degree of scratch resistance. Super tough hard coating is a good option for children, or for adults who work in a physical setting. This provides better protection against chips and scratches.

Anti-reflective coating: Some of our patients prefer to have an anti-reflective appearance to their lenses. This has a benefit to the wearer of the glasses in creating less glare and reflection, as well as having an aesthetic benefit.

Anti-fog lenses: Anti-fog coating can prevent the fogging of lenses that occurs when moving between environments of different temperatures. This coating is especially suitable for people in certain occupations, for example butchers and chefs.

Photochromatic lenses: Sun and glare protection can be provided with lenses that are clear indoors or at night but darken outside or in increased lighting.

Polarised lenses: Polarised lenses reduce glare significantly and make a large difference with visibility when driving, especially on wet roads or in bright sun. Not only does this help with vision but it reduces squinting the eyes which in the long-term can reduce the development of wrinkles around the eyes.

UV protection: Lenses can be made to have 100% UV protection. UV damage is the leading cause of cataract and pterygium in the eyes.

Coloured lenses: Lenses can be produced in a range of colours, both for visual or aesthetic benefits.

Please Note: Some of these lens options may not be available for your prescription or frame choice. Some options can be purchased in conjunction with others, while in some cases – due to the manufacturing process of making a high quality lens – they are not available together. Each lens requirement will incur its own cost.