Eye Exam

Your Annual Eye Exam

We often get asked the question, Do I need an Annual Eye Exam if my eyesight doesn’t seem to have changed much? The answer is a definite “Yes!”  Adults of all ages need to have a thorough eye exam once a year.  The reason is that regular exams can detect eye problems at an early stage,

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What is a Behavioural Optometrist?

This would certainly be one of the most common questions we get asked at Eyes By Design. Behavioural Optometry is about making sure: that the vision system has the developmental maturity, strength and stamina to meet every demand on it; that the vision system is in harmony with all other body systems; and that the

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Behavioural Optometry 1

Vision Training and Tutoring

How do vision training and tutoring complement each other? Tutoring can be a very effective way of assisting children to progress with their school work. As with anything, extra education, practise and time spent on an activity will usually help the learning process and result in improvement. However, for children who are having problems with

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Prescription Sunglasses

Wearing Sunglasses To Protect Your Kids Eyes – It Starts With You

Parents as a role models for their kids An article published in the Australian Optometry Association March Newsletter has claimed that researchers have found that Australian children are four times more likely to wear sunglasses for UV protection if their parents do. Dr Suzanne Dobbinson, lead author of the study conducted by the Australian Cancer

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One thing you should do these school holidays

Parents of children who struggle at school often give a big sigh of relief at school holiday time, it’s a break for everyone from the stress of school work, homework and an irritable child who finds it hard to get through the day. In the September / October school holidays, as well as enjoying the

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