One thing you should do these school holidays

Parents of children who struggle at school often give a big sigh of relief at school holiday time, it’s a break for everyone from the stress of school work, homework and an irritable child who finds it hard to get through the day.

In the September / October school holidays, as well as enjoying the break, do something to help the next term of school be a little more pleasant for a struggling child – organise an eye check and sort out any eyesight or vision processing problems.

Your child may have had an eye exam before

Perhaps at an optometrist, ophthalmologist or a vision screening before starting preschool.  A typical eye exam tends to focus on eyesight – your child will be asked to read letters on a vision chart to determine their ability to see an object clearly from a certain distance.

But an assessment with Dr Nicholas Altuneg, Behavioural Optometrist, at Eyes By Design is different because it includes more than just eyesight – it tests vision as a whole.  Behavioural Optometry includes how clearly you can see but it also includes visual skills such as eye movements, eye teaming, eye focusing, visual memory, and depth perception.

These types of skills are not typically included in a standard eye test – that’s how these problems can be missed in struggling students.

Behavioural Optometry 1

Why have an eye test now these holidays?

With only 1 term of the school year to go? Because we think it is better for children to finish the year feeling positive and confident, rather than to continue to play catch-up.

If a vision problem is detected your child may be prescribed glasses or recommended to start vision training. And by starting now (rather than later) they may be in a better position when they start school in January 2019!

So these school holidays have a rest and take some time out but make sure you also book your child an eye test with Dr Nicholas Altuneg, Behavioural Optometrist, at Eyes By Design.