Contact Lenses

Contact lenses – convenient and discreet way to see clearly

Eyes by Design carry a wide range of prescription contact lenses such as Biofinity, Biotrue, Clariti, plus many other quality brands. There’s no doubt that contact lenses are a convenient and discreet optical solution.

Innovative technology has made contact lenses softer and more flexible, so they move with your eye. Newer contact lens materials and designs make them more comfortable and able to be worn for longer.


Would you like to try contact lenses?

Our optometrist can give you an assessment and eye examination to recommend the best contact lens to suit your vision needs and lifestyle. We have a wide range to choose from – daily disposables, fortnightly, or monthly replacement contact lenses, in different curvatures to suit many eye shapes.

We will give you several types to try on in the practice, to see if they fit well and you like the feel of them. We take the time to explain how they work as well as care for your eyes while you are wearing your contact lens.

contact lenses
contact lens optometrist

If you are new to contact lenses or have an expired prescription?

If you’re new to contact lenses or if you have our expired prescription, it’s essential to schedule our eye exam with our optometrist before using or reordering contacts. During the exam, we’ll evaluate your eye anatomy and health, determine the best type of contact lenses for your eyes, and measure your eyes to ensure a proper fit.

If you’re new to contact lenses, we can help you understand how to insert, remove, and care for your lenses. We’ll provide detailed instructions and answer any questions you may have, ensuring that you’re comfortable with the process and can maintain your lenses properly.

If you have an expired prescription, it’s important to schedule an eye exam. Using contact lenses with an expired prescription can lead to structural damage to the eye and vision problems, including eye strain and headaches.

If you have a current prescription, then get your contact lenses from the Central Coast at Eyes by Design

Need a refill of your prescription contact lenses? Give us a call with your prescription, we have a wide range of popular quality brands to choose from.

We also have cleaning solutions and accessories, so you will never be left in the dark.

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