The Importance of Getting Your Eyes and Eyewear ‘Sports Ready’.

About 15% of all children have eye problems which may be impacting their ability to comfortably perform daily activities and to learn. While we often think of children’s eyesight problems affecting the way kids manage in the classroom, what about the impact of eye problems on sport?

As well as causing problems reading from a board at school, eye problems in children can affect how clearly a child can see the goal in netball, how accurately they can judge the speed or position of an approaching ball in soccer, or how confident they feel in the ocean for nippers.

Dr Nicholas Altuneg, specializes in checking children’s eyes and the way they use their vision. He sees many children every year who are having problems with everyday activities due to eyesight problems. “Most children with eye problems will never complain about finding it hard to see because what they are experiencing seems normal to them,“ said Dr Altuneg. Therefore, annual eye checks are the best way of detecting any eye problems that may be impacting on a child’s learning or sports performance.

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