Do you have dyslexia or do you find reading difficult?

You may be suffering with “Visual Stress”, “Visual Discomfort” or Meares-Irlen Syndrome (MIS). These conditions contribute to reading difficulties in children and adults that are not corrected by traditional glasses or reading tuition. Fortunately, researchers have developed Customised Colour Tinted Lenses to assist with symptoms related to Visual Stress and MIS.

Visual Stress or MIS can affect normal readers and dyslexics, and may also occur in migraine sufferers, and patients with whiplash and brain injury.

Because we are dedicated to improving the life quality of our patients by offering genuine alternatives to the standard eye-care options, we have extensive experience in helping patients of all ages improve concentration and reading fluency. One of the ways we can assist is with Customised Colour Tinted Lenses.

What are Customised Colour Tinted Lenses? Are they like Irlen lenses?

Customised Colour Tinted Lenses are coloured lenses.  “Rose coloured” glasses or Irlen lenses have been around since the 1980s and many claimed them as a cure for dyslexia and reading difficulty.

However, further research has discovered:

  • Coloured lenses do not cure dyslexia, but instead reduce symptoms and can enhance reading fluency in some people.
  • It is recommended that a full functional vision examination is carried out to rule out vision problems that can give the same symptoms, and may instead respond to vision therapy.  A full functional vision examination is more than a “sight” test.

If you are interested to find out whether you can benefit from a Customised Colour Tint, please contact us to arrange your initial evaluation.