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Over 80% of the information we process in the brain is visual. 
Your child’s learning activities such as reading, writing, spelling, and computer work require long periods of visual attention at a close distance.

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Good vision is key to children’s effortless learning

Good vision is essential for children’s effortless learning. Visual problems in children can lead to difficulties in reading, writing, and other aspects of learning, which can negatively impact their academic performance. If left unaddressed, vision problems can also lead to social and emotional issues, as children may become frustrated or embarrassed about their difficulties in the classroom or other settings.

Unfortunately, many parents and caregivers may not be aware of the prevalence of vision problems in children. Research suggests that up to 30% of children have visual problems requiring correction, yet only 10% of children are using corrective eyewear.

Detecting children’s vision problems

Children assume they see the same as everyone else and rarely report any issues or problems with their vision.  Children will assume blurry objects, headaches or eye strain are normal and don’t think to ask or complain about it.

Vision problems not only affect how a child sees, but it can also affect their performance at school.  They can worsen as they get older if left untreated or create further problems later in life.  The only way to be sure that your child does not have a vision problem is to have their eyes examined by a Behavioural Optometrist.

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Our Behavioural Optometrist

When it comes to assessing and treating vision problems in children, it’s important to have the right diagnosis from an experienced behavioural optometrist. Children’s vision problems can be more complex to diagnose than those in adults, as children may not have the vocabulary or awareness to describe their symptoms. As a result, it’s essential to find an optometrist who specialises in children’s vision, such as a Behavioural Optometrist.

Dr Nick has extensive training and experience in diagnosing and treating vision problems in children. He takes a holistic approach to vision care, looking not only at visual acuity but also at how the eyes and brain work together to process information. This approach takes into account the many different factors that can impact a child’s vision and learning, including posture, eye tracking, and focusing abilities.

With the right diagnosis from a Dr Nick, children can receive the remedial treatment they need to improve their vision and enhance their learning. This may include the use of corrective eyewear, vision therapy, or other interventions to support healthy vision development.

Pinpointing your child’s visual issue

Dr Nicholas Altuneg (Dr Nick), Behavioural Optometrist B.Optom (Hons) MOAA MACBO is our Behavioural Optometrist here at Eyes by Design on the Central Coast.  He has been helping children for over 30 years’, treating children with their vision, development and learning problems.

Dr Nick is softly spoken, friendly and all his appointments with children are fun and happy experiences.

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When should I have my child tested?

Regular eye exams are important for children’s vision health, and they should be scheduled at specific intervals to ensure that potential problems are detected and addressed early on.

At Eyes by Design, our experienced Behavioural Optometrist, Dr. Nick, is trained to check your baby’s eyes, even though babies can’t read the letter chart!

Routine eye checks are recommended for babies at 3-6 months old, as well as at 3 years old, and again when starting Kindergarten.

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