Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy For Kids

Vision Therapy at Eyes By Design is an integrated program designed to improve the way the brain, eyes and body work together. This individualised program includes at-home computer activities and in-office therapy sessions.

Vision Therapy ultimately leads to improved learning ability, concentration and academic achievement. While it has been shown to help adults, it is of greatest benefit the younger it is started.


Benefits Of Vision Therapy For Your Child

Our Behavioural Optometrist performs a comprehensive visual assessment for all children. This checks all aspects of the visual system including the structure of the eyes, the way the eyes work, and how well the child processes visual information. If your child is found to have difficulties with visual processing, vision therapy may be recommended.

Vision Therapy can improve:

·        visual information processing skills

·        focussing and eye movement control

·        tracking accuracy

·        awareness of visual space

·        attention and concentration

·        clarity of vision

·        depth perception

·        reading comprehension and speed

·        reading interest

Vision therapy at Eyes By Design is individualised to meet each child’s specific needs. The training program involves a combination of in-office therapy sessions and at home computer training.

Therapy Sessions: Therapy includes 12 weekly visits to the practice for one-on-one therapy sessions, with our Behavioural Optometrist. Children take part in a program of exercises and activities, individually designed to meet their specific needs.

At-home computer activities: Dr Altuneg will prescribe, from a selection of computer vision training programs, the program that best meets the needs of the child. We recommend daily at-home training for optimum improvements.

After three months of vision training a comprehensive vision assessment is performed to measure improvements and identify if there are any areas of further need.