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Does your child have an eye problem?

This child has a visual problem, but how would you know?

Most children don’t complain of poor vision because they assume what they see is normal.

Would you know if you had a vision problem?

Not only an over 40’s problem and could happen
at any age!

If you are finding reading more difficult then this will affect work and school performance.

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We use the latest technology for your eyes

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Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) provides the earliest diagnosis of disease such as macula degeneration and glaucoma.


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  • I am pleased to recommend the services of Nicholas Altuneg at Eyes by Design. Nicholas assisted us by using his obvious expertise in Behavioural Optometry to assess our then 6 year old daughter’s vision. 

    Having had my daughter’s vision tested in recent years on 3 separate occasions  by standard testing I remained frustrated by ongoing difficulties she had been experiencing after  starting school and progressing in reading and writing. Initially she was excited to learn letters and words,  but we then noticed she had difficulty reading  and was not progressing  in identifying words , putting sentences together fluently   and was frequently frustrated by losing her place on the page. Our daughter was tired and grumpy by the end of school and reluctant to engage in  homework or reading at home. We were becoming increasingly alarmed, and after some research, decided to seek out the services of a behavioural optometrist as our first plan of attacking the problem.

    We were happy to find that a specialised Behavioural Optometrist was located here on the Central Coast and that Nicholas was skilled in the assessment of children.

    After a thorough and age appropriate assessment and consultation with Nicolas, he carefully guided us in recommending a prescription  for our daughter which addressed her specific difficulty to focus.  Nicholas encouraged our daughter to be involved,  helping her to choose the most practical, hard wearing yet pretty frames for her new glasses of which she is very keen to wear, and teaching her how to carefully maintain them herself which she takes great pride in doing. 

    Immediately there was a very noticeable and significant improvement in our daughters ability to read  fluently  as well as improved handwriting and concentration in reading and writing tasks. In just 2 and ½ mths our daughter has advanced 3 reading levels at school and has regained confidence and a love of reading.

     It is a great relief as a parent to see our child no longer struggling but reaching her learning potential and I would encourage any parent whose child experiences similar challenges to take advantage of the expertise of Nicholas to whom we are very grateful.
  • At the age of sixty-five years, I thought that it would be a good idea to do what Bob Hawke does, that is, working on crossword puzzles to stimulate the brain.

    After some months had passed, I began encounting eye strain and headaches.  Self prescribed spectacles proved to be ineffectual.

    I decided that I needed to see a vision Specialist.  Fortunately, I choose Nicholas Altuneg of Eyes by Design, who quickly diagnosed the problem - vision in one eye being different to the other, Macular Degeneration and cataracts.

    Thanks to Nicholas, progression of the MD has been halted with an antioxidant supplement.  In addition, I can, after seven years, still spend hours doing crosswords without eye strain and retain my licence to drive.

    Over the years, I have noticed that Nicholas has kept up with the latest technology - having modern imagery and screening equipment.

    Also, I have found his staff to be knowledgable, helpful whilst still be efficient.

    Lawrie Deeth
  • Please add the Holleman Family to the list of very happy clients of Eyes by Design! Nicholas Altuneg has taken care of my very sensitive eyes and opened my vision to cinemascope level for the past ten years. He has more than kept up to date with all the latest technicalities and I can trust him with the overall care of my eyes. Nicholas is not alone in this business as his wife has quite the talent in helping to pick out frames. Both of them listen to your needs and will shape your future with glasses as easily as possible. In my case, my work entails me staring at computers at many different levels. Nicholas adjusted my multifocals to cover this problem and his wife helped my with the frames. Carl, my son, who went to Nicholas but now lives in Mudgee NSW thinks nothing of having the grandchildren checked by Nicholas. There you go! Nicholas manages to look after three generations of Hollemans. That is a talent!

    Thank you again Altunegs!
  • I appreciate the relationship that Nicholas has developed with our daughter: I often feel like an observer as Nicholas talks to her to ensure that she understands the working of her eyes (historically and at present) and the likely effect of maintenance on her attitude and ability.  He has helped her understand and celebrated her victories with her.  This has surely contributed towards a child who feels positive about herself, who complies with the need for glasses and the need to independently complete simple eye exercises for reasons of maintenance.  To our joy, she also reads for pleasure independently! Joanne Merrick
  • I would like to express my deepest gratitude and thanks to Nicholas and the staff at Eyes by Design. My daughter in Year 1 was struggling with school and hated reading and I thought it was “just her” and there was nothing I could do about it. I was recommended to see Nicholas by her teacher and I was shocked to find out she needed glasses. Within weeks of getting her glasses I noticed a big difference, so has her teacher and so has she. Her writing and reading has improved so much she even got an award at school, I was so proud. I can’t believe I could have just let this go. I am so grateful that I was told about Nicholas and I now recommend him to everyone. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you. You have all been wonderful. Collette Bates
  • I went into this shop to buy some cheap sunglasses like I have got from other shops in the past and walked out with the coolest pair of Maui Jims! I have never had sunglasses like this before and I will never go back to cheap sunglasses again! The staff were helpful and as a guy that has no idea about fashion this was great for me! Ed Atkinson
  • After wearing glasses and contact lenses for 30+ years I have experienced some bad Optometrists in my time. Nicholas and the ladies at Eyes by Design made this experience easy and comforting for me. I won’t go anywhere else now, as I have trust and faith in them. I even walked out with some fashionable glasses that my daughter says makes me look 10 years younger! Thank you!  Rod Taylor
  • We have 6 in our family and 2 of us have glasses. I would never go anywhere else after having our eyes tested and getting glasses from Nicholas. The service was amazing, the testing so thorough and I am not just a number to them! My daughter loves that she even gets birthday cards from him! Tanya Wilson
  • We went to Nicholas on the recommendation of a friend, having already taken our daughter (aged 5) to a high street optician who told us her vision was fine.  Nicholas confirmed out doubt that she did have an eye condition – and the good news was he diagnosed her with a problem that glasses could rectify.  Within weeks we could see a difference in our daughter’s reading progress and level of concentration on books and other close in activities.