Tips to help your Child LOVE their Glasses

Perhaps you’ve recently discovered that your child requires glasses due to certain signs they exhibited at home and at school. They’ve had the eye test and now you need to buy the glasses. Here are some tips to ease them into what will be a new experience, and might even be causing some anxiety.

Your child may fear being teased

The old ‘coke bottle’ glasses, are thankfully, a thing of the past. There are so many styles of glasses on the market these days and you don’t have to break the bank to choose something stylish. If your child fears being stereotyped as a nerd, the great news is that the range on offer today is far greater than when we were children. Added to that, the stigma once attached to wearing glasses is largely gone.

Get your child involved in the process

Let’s face it, some children (and adults too) can be resistant to something new. If your child is allowed to be a part of the decision making process, they’ll be more invested and connected to their new pair of glasses.

At Eyes By Design, we have the largest range of children’s frames on offer on the Central Coast.

Let your child pick out the frames they like

It’s a good chance that what they consider cool is different to what you had in mind! Forget about colour coordination, kids have their own unique ideas of ‘what’s cool’

Choosing the right size

Your optometrist can and should help in this process. Buying a pair of glasses that are comfortable (not to mention appropriate for the child’s age) will go a long way toward your child actually wearing them and not ‘accidentally leaving them at home’

Show your child some role models

Did you know that even glasses have ambassadors? Sure they do! Celebrities from Justin Beiber to Kim Kardashian have been snapped wearing glasses and in doing so, they’ve indirectly acted as a positive agent for wearing spectacles. (not to mention they also make it look cool.) If your child has any reservations about donning a pair of glasses it may help to show that celebs wear them too. And let’s not forget Harry Potter! Harry may well have helped an entire generation of kids to accept that wearing glasses is a good thing.

Getting your child used to wearing glasses

If your child has never worn glasses before they may need to become accustomed to actually wearing them. Consider starting a scheduled time for them to put their glasses on, for the first couple of days it might just be for 20 or 30 minutes. After a couple of days, extend the time to 40 minutes or so. Keep extending the time until your child is wearing their glasses all day. Gradually they’ll become accustomed to wearing them, and if the frames were chosen carefully to fit (as mentioned above) it will make the task so much easier for everyone involved.

Do you wear glasses?

Take the time to explain how much glasses help you and what can happen if you don’t wear them. For example, some people complain of eye strain and headaches when they forget to wear their glasses.

We’re here to help

Obviously we can help you and your child to purchase their glasses, but we’re also here to assist in adjustments and other issues. All glasses sold at Eyes By Design have a minimum 12 month warranty on the frame (some brands are up to two years).

At Eyes By Design we are dedicated as your Central Coast eyecare providers, to optimise your children’s vision, both now and in the future.

We’ve been prescribing, fitting and dispensing eyewear for nearly 20 years. We are fussy about your eyewear and always take the time to get things right.